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Security professional by day, and a hacking enthusiast by night, here is a collection of walkthroughs, writeups and notes made public to aide others along the same journey.

# sudo apt update



I was asked to give a demonstration during a local HTB meetup, and decided to provide an intro to pivoting basics. Something that is absolutely required to perform during penetration testing engagements, or while learning in labs like HTB ProLabs.

Part 1, pivoting introduction and using SSHuttle
Part 2, pivoting with Chisel
Part 3, pivoting with Ligolo-ng
Pivoting Cheat Sheet, pivoting cheat sheet


CISSP Review

I just provisionally passed my CISSP certificate! Read about my study methods and how I passed this certificate, hopefully it will help you as well..


OSWE Review

On my third attempt, I just passed and earned my Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE) certificate! Want to know how I prepared, and my experience? Go and read my review here!


OSCP Review

I have passed my Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)! Want to know how I “tried harder”? Go read this post-exam writeup!


CEH Review

I have passed my Certified Ethical Certificate on my first attempt! You can read my post-exam writeup here!. Happy H4x0ring!